Red Rooster

Establishment and food at 504 Pascoe Vale Road, Strathmore, VIC 3041, Australia. Here you will find detailed information about Red Rooster: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.


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504 Pascoe Vale Road
VIC 3041
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+61 3 9374 2541



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Reviews of Red Rooster

    Jasmine Polimene Added October 15, 2017
    the manager of this place is disgustingly rude. after ordering 3 classic roasts with chips (consists of chicken, chips, gravy and peas) and one with no peas, and having the order read back correctly i expected to get exactly what i ordered. this did not happen. after releasing once arriving home, i proceeded to go back to the store and requested for my food to be remade. he refused to fulfill my request after he had made the mistake. after a long and extended conversation, he agreed to make my food again. after arriving home the second time, i then realised that he never actually remade the food at all, but rather open the food i returned and dumped chips on the top of each. by doing this, the pumpkin, carrot and potato that i specifically ordered not to be included remained, but just had chips placed on the top. i called up and complained, rather annoyed i might add, for this was my third attempt to get the food that i had paid for. on the other end of the line, the manager of this store had told me that i never in fact ordered a classic roast with chips (when i know for a fact that i did for it was confirmed with me at drive through when it was read back to me) and he actually said "be happy i gave you free chips". Overall, the manager did not do his job correctly, proceeded to tell me that i never ordered what i did indeed, he didn't fulfill my request of having my food remade but rather lazily placed food on the top of it, and had the audacity to tell me to "be happy he gave me free chips". overall disgusted with the service of this store and the manager in particular. hope he gets fired. will not be returning to this store and will be informing many of my friends who were your valued customers. you've lost a once dedicated customer, and many more as a result.

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Red Rooster
Serving the most tasty, fresh and tender roast chicken in Australia. Available in store, delivered or get catering for your next function.